>> Dark side <<

I have a website! And for the first time, my photos are in the public domain – a nerve-wracking thought! In attempts to perfect the photographic style that is Jenette Reitsma, I have sold my soul to the dark side and signed up for a photography course. Going against the traditional D.I.Y attitude, I do feel the course is good. A time to challenge my creativity with added coffee and biscuits – what more can a gal want!

Homework Part 1 entailed “time lapse”. We were required to find 4 locations: 3 outdoors and 1 indoor. Outdoor shots included taking pics of interestingly lit up architecture with different exposure times, a set f/8 and ISO200. Worst week of weather left myself and umbrella holder Benjamin traipsing around PMB looking for sites to photograph in the rain.

Winning shot of the evening’s adventures was definitely this 30 second exposure of the Virgin Active near Cascades. Lack of umbrella gives us rain drops which despite not the initial effect we were going for, I am rather fond of.




The indoors shot was slightly more challenging. Stubborn and unwilling to take time lapse photos against a white wall, I bought black card and created my own mini studio type corner. Lit by just candlelight, I used a little wire saxophone player I got from Jules a while back as my model.  I really liked how the beads picked up just a bit of the light, and how I managed to get the shadows “just right” on the back wall.





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