NeonRun Durban 2014




A 5km route along the Durban beachfront covered in neon accessories and body paint. Sounds like fun? I was surprised at the turn out. Despite the wind and the chill in the air, hundreds of brightly covered bodies gathered at Kings Park stadium for a line-up of musical acts to take us through the night.

I opted for lunch with The Edd, so missed the first few acts, but arrived just in time for Matthew Mole, who as always has an honest and endearing stage presence. I will never forget him stopping his performance in the middle of a song at Kearsney College to comment on the enticing smell of the boerewors rolls outside.

Still battered and bruised from my Sani Pass showdown, I took things chilled and walked a fair chunk of the way. The GoPro is not so fond of low-light situations, but I think it performed well considering the circumstances.



Some pre-race entertainment.


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