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Holidays! Break-up day. Tears. Holidays!

Normally, the onset of holidays means the offset of routine, sleeping in, staying in pjs the whole day, and watching movies. However, Matthieu and I braved an early start, donned our sunnies ever so optimistic that the sun would come out, and headed off to Durban.

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 1

First stop Mini Town at the beachfront. R20 entry gets you in, and the chance to parade around an impressive little town built in a 1:24 scale. There are a couple of Durban’s landmarks like the Sugar Mill and the City Hall, working train sets and a boat that does the rounds at the harbour.

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 10

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 4

Sadly I didn’t have my SA flag. It’s somewhere in a box in JHB. Joys of packing. But I still got my photo thanks to Matthieu who kindly volunteered to jump again and again until I was happy with the outcome.


Reitsma_DurbanOuting 2

In a UK photography magazine, I came across an interesting photo taken with a fisheye lense. It was a low angle shot, with a painted arrow on the floor pointing towards someone jumping with a set of brightly coloured beach huts in the background. Wanting to make the most of the painted arrows dispersed on the Mini Town floor – not every day we come across those – and try my hand with the fisheye, I once again instructed called Matthieu to the centre spot.

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 3

This photo, I am not so fond of. I should have taken it lower down, the background should be (more) neutral and Matthieu should have been closer to the arrow. But we live and we learn. A quick lunch at Circus Circus before it was time to be on the move again. On our way back to the car, we came across a group of pigeons pestering anyone and everyone for food.

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 5

I am not so quick on Manual to change settings accordingly to capture a pigeon attack, but sometimes luck is on my side and I get a photo or two that appeal to me.

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 7

Reitsma_DurbanOuting 9

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