Julie’s Kitchen Tea

Tis the season…for Kitchen Tea’s!

Julie’s wedding is quickly approaching and Saturday morning saw us get the party started (2 weeks early nogal!) with her kitchen tea.

Car, her mum and various other helpers decorated the hall up in Hilton, and laid out a feast of delicious goodies to munch on. Jules arrived, dolled up in a pink dress, black leggings, a sash “Bride to Be” and ribbons in her hair. We played a few games with prizes included! Not just the bride got to go home with something J Jules opened her gifts and we took various photos at the makeshift photobooth. Such fun!


Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 3 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 7


Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 5 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 1

The photobooth madness!

Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 9 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 10 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 12 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 15 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 19 Reitsma_JulesKitchenTea 26

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