.Overcast Durban.

So, the holidays are in full swing. I thought dogsitting would be a holiday, but running after these two is more work than play! They are destructive at the best of times, demand attention, and just want to either run after a ball or sit on my lap. I braved a trip to Durban today to fetch sheet music, hoping that I wouldn’t find the house in ruins on my return. Earlier this week, Snack and Pop got hold of eggs…it wasn’t pretty.

Durban, wasn’t too pretty either. Overcast, but actually it’s how my fair fail skin prefers things.

ReitsmaDurbanWithDamian 2


As always, the jump photo was taken. Damian was a true gentleman and didn’t complain when I asked him to leap without any clear instructions. “Come Damian, just jump”. And so he did.


ReitsmaDurbanWithDamian 4



After lunch at Joe Cool’s we walked to Moyo then back to the car and headed home.


ReitsmaDurbanWithDamian 3


I am not too sure about this photo. Technically I reckon the foreground should be in focus, but perhaps with it not in focus it forces the eye to look “across” the photo and helps give a sense of distance. Thoughts? I can’t decide.


ReitsmaDurbanWithDamian 1


I leave PMB next week. My last trip to Durban….until when?

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