Smoking Dragon Festival 2014 | Day 2

Day 2 of the Smoking Dragon Festival.

The festival continues. Missed out on Day 1? Catch it all here.

Day 2 saw some mucky weather overhead. Cat and I decided to explore the surrounds a bit, and come back for Desmond and the Tutus, playing at 19h00. We went into town, got supplies – water, food, a bowl, some wine, and chocolate – found a pharmacy, put in petrol, and then headed off to Royal Natal, known for the Amphitheatre.

A mere R35 pp allows you access into the park. The staff are really friendly and happy to hand out maps and advice on walking trails. For. Free.


Cat and I did the 30 min walk to The Cascades where many fellow festival goers had also escaped to. Feeling keen and strong we pushed on to Tiger Falls. Our spirits were soon tainted with the steep incline and “Are we there yet?” reigned supreme. We mutually decided to turn back as we huffed, the black sky beckoning, and Desmond and the Tutus awaited.


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