~ Diwali ~

Diwali – “festival of lights” – seemed like an opportune moment to head out for a break. With the rain subsiding, I jumped at the chance to take a few photos. Well, this innocent outing to watch the fireworks has me sitting on a dark fence about night photography. In the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not –  there is no try”, I’m currently boarder lining on the inevitable. Will I ever be able to take a decent night photo?  

In the 100 plus photos I took, I’ve fond of only 5. 1 is in focus, 1 not so much, 2 not at all, and 1 is me messing around with HDR settings on my camera.

My attempts –  as follows:  




The two “not-at-all in focus” photos of which I absolutely love.  





And lastly, because I can, the photo fooling around with HDR settings.




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