Night of 1000 Drawings

By chance, I stumbled upon this “one night only” inner-city art exhibition thanks to a random facebook post and a connection from Res days at UCT. The purpose of such an event…to raise funds for a deserving cause.

And that deserving cause – check out Streetlight Schools here.

Exhibition goers were spoilt for choice with a myriad of doodles, sketches, paintings, experimental and conceptual works. A mere R100 a piece allowed you to get your hands on an original art work!

I convinced Alex to join me and took my fisheye along to capture the evening’s proceedings.


Reitsma1000Drawings 11

Reitsma1000Drawings 10

Reitsma1000Drawings 9

Reitsma1000Drawings 8

Reitsma1000Drawings 3

Reitsma1000Drawings 4

Reitsma1000Drawings 5

Reitsma1000Drawings 6 Reitsma1000Drawings 2

Reitsma1000Drawings 1


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